Morrisons Agreement
(Supplier Portal)

View or create all your commercial agreements including: supply agreements; cost price changes requests; agreements to invoice deals; promotion agreements and amendments.

Terms & Conditions

Morrisons Invoice Portal

View the status of your invoices: check your invoices have been received, submit new invoices and monitor when invoices have been paid.

Invoice Status Submit an Invoice

Morrisons Supplier Data Hub

Generate, view and download various performance reports such as sales, stock, forecast, purchase order and delivery information for the products you supply.

Morrisons Create

Formally M-Create. A 'one-stop shop' where you can: input and approve specifications prior to product launches; document audits and visits; record agenda items, non-conformance and corrective actions; and view news and updates.

Morrisons Farming

Our farmers and growers can find news and useful information specific to their area of Morrisons. Woodheads specialist livestock suppliers can log in to our secure Morrisons Farming portal to access their carcass data.

Morrisons Procurement

Access the Supplier Management platform to view and manage contracts and view tender opportunities, invitations to participate in the tender process, submit proposals and view outcomes.